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Disables alarms. You can disable the alarm where the cursor is positioned, one or more alarm lists on the active page, a whole category of alarms, or alarms of a particular priority.

You would normally call this function from a keyboard command. No action is taken if the alarms are already disabled. Use the AlarmEnable() function to re-enable an alarm.

After you disable an alarm, it does not display on the alarm page, alarm summary page, or alarm log. If you set the [Alarm]DisplayDisable parameter to 1, logging of disabled alarms continues, but the disabled alarms are not displayed on the alarm display or alarm summary pages.


AlarmDisable(Mode, Value [, ClusterName] )


The type of disable:

0 - Disable a single alarm where the cursor is positioned.

1 - Disable a page of alarms. AN alarm page can contain more than one alarm list:

2 - Disable a category of alarms.

3 - Disable alarms of a specific priority.

Alarm priority 0 indicates all priorities. Hardware alarms are not affected by priority. Set Value to the group handle to disable a group of alarms of different priorities.


Used with Mode 1 and 2 to specify which alarms to disable.


Used with Mode 2 or 3 to specify the name of the cluster where the alarms being disabled reside in. This argument is optional if the client is connected to only one cluster containing an Alarm Server or are resolving the alarm server via the current cluster context.

This argument is not required where:

This argument is enclosed in quotation marks "".

Return Value

0 (zero) if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

Related Functions

GrpOpen, AlarmEnable, AlarmDisableRec


System Keyboard

Key Sequence



AlarmDisable(0, 0)


Disable the alarm where the cursor is positioned

System Keyboard

Key Sequence



AlarmDisable(1, -1)


Disable a page of alarms

System Keyboard

Key Sequence

AlarmDisable ### Enter


AlarmDisable(2, Arg1, "clusterXYZ")


Disable alarms of a specified category in cluster XYZ

System Keyboard

Key Sequence

DisPri ############# Enter




Disable alarms of a specific priority in cluster XYZ

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