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Changes the delay setting for an alarm (that is Delay, High High Delay, Deviation Delay, etc.) by the alarm record number. You can only call this function on an alarms server for local alarms, or on a redundant server if one has been configured. However, a client can call this function remotely by using the MsgPRC() function.


AlarmSetDelayRec(Record, Type, Value)


The alarm record number, returned from any of the following alarm functions:


The type of delay:

0 - Delay (digital alarm/advanced alarm)

1 - High high delay (analog alarm)

2 - High delay (analog alarm)

3 - Low delay (analog alarm)

4 - Low low delay (analog alarm)

5 - Deviation delay (analog alarm)


The new value for the delay. Enter a blank value " " to remove the delay setting.

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