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Mail Functions

The mail facility enables you to send data (for example, a report) between CitectSCADA users (or any other computer). CitectSCADA can send mail automatically, triggered by an event such as a report or an alarm. It can also read mail, so any user on the system can send mail to CitectSCADA (for example, a batch recipe). 

You can use the mail facility to send information from CitectSCADA to Managers, Supervisors or anyone on a LAN or WAN whether they are running CitectSCADA or not. You can use it to send mail directly to these people whenever an event occurs (for example, you can mail reports directly to the QA department when they are scheduled, or send mail to the maintenance department when equipment is due for service).

The mail system uses the MAPI standard interface, so you can use any mail system that supports this standard. The mail system allows data transfer across different computer platforms and to remote sites (using a data gateway), enabling you to send high-level data across a wide area network.