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Writes a value to an external Windows application, for example, an Excel spreadsheet. The value is written once to the application. (To write the value dynamically, you need to call this function at the rate at which the data needs to be updated.)

You need to first start a conversation with the DDEhInitiate function, and use the handle returned by that function to identify the conversation.

This function is a blocking function. It will block the calling Cicode task until the operation is complete.


DDEhPoke(Handle, sItem, sValue)


The integer handle that identifies the DDE conversation, returned from the DDEhInitiate function.


A unique name for the item; for example, the variable name, field name, or spreadsheet cell position.


The value of the item.

Return Value

0 (zero) if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

Related Functions

DDEhInitiate, DDEhExecute, DDEhRequest, DDEhTerminate, DDEhGetLastError


See DDEhInitiate

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