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Debugging functions remotely

You can debug functions remotely if both computers are running identical projects and the CitectSCADA Path is the same on both machines.

To remotely debug Cicode:

  1. Click the Cicode Editor button on the computer that will be running CitectSCADA (the remote).
  2. Choose Debug | Options.
  3. Check (tick) the Allow remote debugging option.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click the Run button (you can close the Cicode Editor first), or choose File | Run.
  6. On the computer that will be debugging CitectSCADA, click the Cicode Editor button.
  7. Choose Debug | Options.
  8. Enter the Windows Computer Name or TCP/IP address of the remote CitectSCADA computer.
  9. The Windows Computer Name is specified on the Computer Name tab of the System Properties dialog (go to Control Panel and select System).

    The TCP/IP address (for example, or can be determined by going to the Command Prompt, typing IPCONFIG, and pressing Enter.

  10. Click OK.
  11. Click the debug button to start remote debugging.
  12. Note:CitectSCADA uses Named Pipes for remote debugging. To enable the Windows Named Pipe service, you need to enable the Server service. Select Administrative Tools from Control Panel, then select Services. Locate the Server service in the list that appears, and confirm that it is running. You can start and stop a service by right-clicking on it.