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Moves the device pointer to a specified position in the device. If the device is a database, and it is opened in indexed mode, DevSeek will seek to the record number - not through the index. To locate the first record in an indexed device, call the DevFirst() function.


DevSeek(hDev, Offset)


The device handle, returned from the DevOpen() function. The device handle identifies the table where all data on the associated device is stored.


The offset in the device. If the device is a database device, the offset is the record number. If the device is a binary device, the offset is in bytes (from 0 to the maximum file size -1).

Note: If offset causes a seek past the end of the file, DevSeek returns no error, but sets the EOF flag (that is, a subsequent DevEOF() call will return true).

Return Value

0 (zero) if the seek was successful, otherwise an error code is returned.

Related Functions

DevOpen, DevEOF, DevRecNo, DevFirst


hDev=DevOpen("Log", 0);
! Gets the value of the "Tag" field at record 100.

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