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Note: This function is only used for V3.xx and V4.xx animations, and has been superseded by future releases.

Gets information on an AN - the type or state of the animation that is currently displayed.


DspAnInfo(AN, Type)


The animation-point number.


The type of information:

0 - The type of animation currently displayed at the AN. The following is returned:

0 - No animation is displayed.

1 - Color is displayed.

2 - A bar graph is displayed.

3 - Text is displayed.

4 - A symbol is displayed.

5 - AN animation symbol is displayed.

6 - A trend is displayed.

7 - A button is displayed.

8 - A slider is displayed.

9 - A plot is displayed.

1 - The state of the animation currently displayed. If color is displayed, the color is returned. If a bar graph, trend, or symbol is displayed, the bar, trend, or symbol name is returned. If text is displayed, the font handle is returned.

2 - The value of the text or the name of a button at the given AN point is returned.

Return Value

The animation information, which depends on the type passed argument, as described above, as a string.

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IF DspAnInfo(25,0) = "1" THEN
/* If color on AN 25, then get the color */
col = DspAnInfo(25,1);

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