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Displays a bar graph (on a graphics page) at a specified AN. To scale a tag into the correct range, use the EngToGeneric() function.

Note: This function is only used for V3.xx and V4.xx animations, and was superseded in later releases.


DspBar(AN, Bar, Value)


The AN where the bar graph will be displayed.


The name of the bar graph to display in the format <[LibName.]BarName>. If you do not specify the library name, a bar graph from the Global library displays (if it exists). To display a Version 1.xx bar graph, specify the bar definition (1 to 255). For example, if you specify bar 1, CitectSCADA displays the bar graph Global.Bar001.


The value to display on the bar graph. The value needs to be from 0 to 32000 to give 0 to full-scale range on the bar.

Return Value

0 (zero) if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

Related Functions



/* Displays a value of 320 (that is 10%) on the loops bar (from the bars library) at AN25. */
/* Displays a value of 320 (that is 10%) on bar definition 3 (CitectSCADA Version 1.xx) at AN25. */
/* Displays Tag1 on the loops_bar (from the global library) at AN26. Tag1 has an engineering scale of 0 to 100. */

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