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Displays a chart at an AN. Charts are trend lines with markers on them. Values are plotted on the chart pens. You need to specify Value1, but Value2 to Value8 are optional.

If more values (than the configured pens) are specified, the additional values are ignored. If fewer values (than the configured pens) are specified, the pens that have no values are not displayed.

You should use this function only if you want to control the display of charts directly.


DspChart(AN, Chart, Value1 [, Value2 ... Value8] )


The AN where the chart will be displayed.


The chart to display.


The value to display on Pen 1 of the chart.

Value2 ... 8:

The values to display on Pen 2...Pen 8 of the chart. These values are optional.

Return Value

0 (zero) if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

Related Functions

DspDel, DspTrend


/* Using chart definition 5 at AN25,  display a value of 10 on 
Pen1, 20 on Pen2,  30 on Pen3 and 40 on Pen4 of the chart. */
/* Using chart definition 6 at AN26, display a value of 100 on Pen1 and 500 on Pen2 of the chart. */

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