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Gets the attributes of a file-to-screen display (used for displaying text files).


DspFileGetInfo(AN, Type)


The AN where the file display window will be located. This AN needs to be the same as the AN specified with the DspFile() function.


The type of data required:

0 - The width of the file display window, in characters.

1 - The maximum number of lines that can display in one page of the file display window.

2 - The file-to-screen row offset number.

3 - The file-to-screen column offset number.

4 - The number of lines in the displayed file.

Return Value

The attributes of the "window" as an integer. If an incorrect AN is specified, an error is returned.

Related Functions

DspFile, DspFileGetName, DspFileScroll, DspFileSetName


! Display the page number of the file display.
DspText(12,0,"Page No "+PageNumber);

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