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Disables or enables the fullscreen mode of the currently active window. This function does not resize the window when it is called; it merely sets the mode flag. The next time the window is displayed, its size (on screen) changes to reflect the setting of the flag. This function overrides the [Animator]FullScreen parameter setting.

If [Page]DynamicSizing is turned on, a page in fullscreen state takes up the entire display area (assuming this does not affect its aspect ratio), and it cannot be resized. Also, a fullscreen page will display without a title bar unless Title Bar is checked in Page Properties (or was checked when the page was created). Resizing pages can result in lower picture quality. If this is unacceptable, you should re-design the page using the desired resolution.

If [Page]DynamicSizing is turned off, fullscreen will have the same limitations as it had in versions of CitectSCADA prior to V5.10. In other words, for a page to be displayed in fullscreen, the size of the page needs to be the same size as the display (or bigger). If the page is smaller than the display, the title bar will still display even if fullscreen mode is enabled. Check the size of the graphic pages in CtDraw Tools|Page Attributes Dialog to verify that it is the same as the display resolution. For example 640x480 for VGA, 800x600 for SVGA and 1024x768 for XGA.




Fullscreen mode:

0 - Disable fullscreen mode.

1 - Enable fullscreen mode without title bar

2 – Enable fullscreen mode with title bar.

Return Value

0 (zero) if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

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/*Minimize the Window, Enable fullscreen mode and then maximize
the window.*/

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