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Plays a waveform (sound). Wave form sound files *.WAV are provided with Windows and by third-party developers, or you can record them yourself to play long (and complex) sound sequences.

This function searches the [Sounds] section of the WIN.INI file for an entry with the specified name, and plays the associated waveform. If the name does not match an entry in the WIN.INI file, a waveform filename is assumed. The function will then search the following directories for the waveform file (directories are listed in search order):

  1. The current directory
  2. The Windows directory
  3. The Windows system directory
  4. The directories listed in the PATH environment variable
  5. The list of directories mapped in the network.

If the file is not in one of the aforementioned directories, you need to include the full path to the sound file. If the file doesn’t exist in one of the above directories or at a location specified with a full path, the sound will not be played.


DspPlaySound(sSoundname, nMode)


The waveform to be played. Predefined sounds (in the WIN.INI file) are:


Not used. Needs to be 0 (zero).

Return Value

TRUE if successful, otherwise FALSE (if an error is detected).

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