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Creates a Rich Text object of the given dimensions at the animation point AN. This object can then be used to display an RTF file (like an RTF report) called using the DspRichTextLoad function.


DspRichText(AN, iHeight, iWidth, iMode)


The AN at which the rich text object will display when the DspRichText command is run.


The height of the rich text object in pixels. The height is established by measuring down from the animation point.


The width of the rich text object in pixels. The width is established by measuring across to the right from the animation point.


The display mode for the rich text object. The mode can be any combination of:

0 - Disabled - should be used if the rich text object is to be used for display purposes only.

1 - Enabled - allows you to select and copy the contents of the RTF object (for instance an RTF report), but you will not be able to make changes.

2 - Read/Write - allows you to edit the contents of the RTF object. Remember, however, that the object needs to be enabled before it can be edited. If it has already been enabled, you can just enter Mode 2 as your argument. If it is not already enabled, you will need to enable it. By combining Mode 1 and Mode 2 in your argument (3), you can enable the object, and make it read/write at the same time.

Because the content of the rich text object is just a copy of the original file, changes will not affect the actual file, until saved using the DspRichTextSave function.

Return Value

0 if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

Related Functions

DspRichTextLoad, PageRichTextFile


//This will produce a rich text object at animation point 57,
which is 200 pixels high, and 200 pixels wide. This object will be
for display purposes only (that is read only)//

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