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Enables editing of the contents of the rich text object at AN if nEdit = TRUE, and disables editing if nEdit = FALSE.


DspRichTextEdit(AN, bEdit)


The reference AN for the rich text object.


The value of this argument determines whether you will be able to edit the contents of the rich text object at AN. Enter TRUE to enable editing, or enter FALSE to make the contents read-only.

Changes made to the contents of the object will not be saved until the DspRichTextSave function is used.

Return Value

0 if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

Related Functions

PageRichTextFile, DspRichTextEnable, DspRichTextSave


// Enables editing of the rich text object at AN 25 - if one
exists. Otherwise an error will be returned to iResult //
iResult = DspRichTextEdit(25,TRUE);

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