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Sets the font for tool tip text.

The parameter [Animator]TooltipFont also specifies the tool tip font. The parameter is checked at startup, and if it is set, the font is set accordingly. You can then use DspSetTooltipFont() to override the parameter until the next time you start CitectSCADA.


DspSetTooltipFont(sName [, nPointSize] [, sAttribs] )


The name of the Windows font to be used, enclosed by quotation marks " ". A value for this parameter is required, however specifying an empty string "" will set the tooltip font to the default of MS Sans Serif.


The size of the font in points. If you do not specify a value, the point size defaults to 12.


A string specifying the format of the font. Use one or all of the following, enclosed by quotation marks " ":

If you don't specify a value for this parameter, it will default to an empty string and no formatting will be applied.

Return Value

No return value.

Related Functions

DspGetTip, DspTipMode


!Set the tool tip font to Bold, Italic, Times New Roman, with a 
point size of 12
DspSetTooltipFont("Times New Roman", 12, "BI");

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