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Provides a keypad form for the operator to add numeric values. You can customize the standard form as a mathematical keypad, with the +, -, and / operators and the decimal point. For a time keypad, use the AM, PM, and : (hour/minute divider) buttons. You can also include a password edit field.


FormNumPad(Title, Input, Mode)


The title to display on the number pad form.


The existing or default value. This value is returned if the form is cancelled or accepted without changes.


The buttons to include on the keypad form. The Mode can be a combination of the following:

0 - Standard keypad

1 - Password edit field

2 - not used

4 - With +/- button

8 - With / button

16 - With . button

32 - With : button

64 - With AM, PM buttons

Multiple modes can be selected by adding them. For example, to include +/- buttons and a . button, specify Mode 20 (16+4).

Return Value

The string value entered by the operator. The IsError() function returns 0 (zero). If the form was cancelled, the value of Input is returned, and the IsError() function returns error number 299.


/* Set defaults first, then four keypad forms to adjust recipe. */
Qty_Flour=FormNumPad("Add Flour", Qty_Flour, 17);
Qty_Water=FormNumPad("Add Water", Qty_Water, 17);
Qty_Salt=FormNumPad("Add Salt", Qty_Salt, 17);
Qty_Sugar=FormNumPad("Add Sugar", Qty_Sugar, 17);

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