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Gets the window handle for the given form. The window handle may be used by 'C' programs and CitectSCADAWnd... functions. You should call this function only after the FormRead() function.

The window handle is not the same as the CitectSCADA window number and cannot be used with functions that expect the CitectSCADA window number (the Win... functions).




The form handle, returned from the FormNew() function. The form handle identifies the table where data on the associated form is stored.

Return Value

The window handle if successful, otherwise a 0 is returned.

Related Functions

FormNew, FormRead, WndFind


/* Create a form with a field */
hForm  = FormNew("Ingredients", 40, 10, 1);
hField = FormPrompt(2,2,"Motor1:");
/* Display the form*/
/* Get the form's window number for future reference */
hWnd	 = FormWndHnd(hForm);

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