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Connects to an FTP server. This function can only be used on the Internet Display Client.


FTPOpen( [sIPAddress] [, sUsername] [, sPassword] )


The TCP/IP address of the FTP server you wish to connect to (for example, or If you do not specify an IP address, the CitectSCADA FTP server running on the Internet Server you are connected to will be used.


The FTP login username. If you omit both the username and IP address, the CitectSCADA FTP password will be used. If you omit just the username, an anonymous logon will occur.


The FTP server password. If you wish to log on anonymously or you wish to log on to the CitectSCADA FTP server, do not specify a password, here.

Return Value

A handle to the FTP server otherwise -1 if an error occurs (for example, the server cannot be found).

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