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Function Scope

The optional Scope Statement of a function (if used), precedes all other statements of a function declaration in Cicode, including the FUNCTION Statement.

The scope of a function can be either PRIVATE or PUBLIC, and is declared public by default. That is, if no Scope Statement is declared, the function will have public scope.

Both PRIVATE and PUBLIC are Cicode keywords and as such, are reserved.

A private scope function is only accessible (can be called) within the file in which it is declared.

Public scope functions can be shared across Cicode files, and can be called from pages and CitectSCADA databases (for example, Alarm.dbf).

Because functions are public by default, to make a function public requires no specific declaration. To make a function private however, you need to prefix the FUNCTION Statement with the word PRIVATE.

FunctionName ( <Arguments> )
<Statement> ;
<Statement> ;
<Statement> ;