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Provides a consistent method of accessing items within Kernel Table.


KernelTableInfo(sTable, sRecord, sField)


The name of the table. The following tables are supported:

sTable sRecord sField Notes
Bufferpool The value of the 'Name' field Mode, Size, Total, Free, InUse, Max, Peak, Short, Gets, TotErr, Grow, Shrink These names are unique when each Bufferpool is created
CiCode The value of the 'Name' field or the 'HND' field. If the user specifies a number as the sRecord we will assume it is a handle, otherwise we will look it up as a string name Name, HND, State, CPU_Time, Poll_Time, Slice The CiCode function TaskNew exposes the handle. That is why record access by handle is acceptable for this table. The name field may or may not be unique (if you run the same CiCode task twice with different parameters). Accessing by ‘Name’ will not succeed if there are duplicates
Task The value of the 'Name' field Mode, Hnd, State, Prty, Cpu, Min, Max, Avg, Count None
Tran The value of the TRAN 'Name' field Name, Node, Type, Mode, Hnd, Cnt, Send, Rec, Wait, Stack, Service, State, Login, ReconnectCount, UpTime, TotalTxRxCount The counters ReconnectCount, UpTime and TotalTxRxCount can be viewed in verbose mode on Table Tran page of the Kernel
Trendqueues The value of the 'DriverName' field FlushQueueLength, FlushQueuesMax , TotalFlushes, FileWrites None


The key to a column in the table depending on the sTable parameter.


The key to a column in the table depending on the sTable parameter.

Return Value

Returns the content of a field of the given table in the format of a Cicode STRING.

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