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Labels, like variable tags, can be used in all functions in the Cicode files. They can be either all upper case letters or mixed case. In order to differentiate them from the variable tags and other Cicode variables they should have an `_' (underscore) in front of them. For example:


Note: There are a few labels without an underscore defined in the Labels form in the INCLUDE project. Although they do not follow the guidelines set in this document their wide usage makes changing those labels impractical. These labels are: TRUE, FALSE, BAD_HANDLE, XFreak, XOutsideCL, XAboveUCL, XBelowLCL, XOutsideWL, XUpTrend, XDownTrend, XGradualUp, XGradualDown, XErratic, XStratification, XMixture, ROutsideCL, RAboveUCL, RBelowLCL

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