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Displays a message box on the screen and waits for the user to select the OK or Cancel button.

This function is a blocking function. It will block the calling Cicode task until the operation is complete.


Message(Title, Prompt, Mode)


The title of the message box.


The prompt displayed in the message box.


The mode of the message box:

0 - OK button

1 - OK and Cancel button

16 - Stop Icon

32 - Question Icon

48 - Exclamation Icon

64 - Information Icon

Select more than one mode by adding the modes. For example, set Mode to 33 to display the OK and Cancel buttons and the Question icon. You can only display one icon for the message box.

Return Value

0 (zero) if successful, otherwise an error is returned. If the user presses the Cancel button the function returns an error code of 299.

Related Functions



/* Display an error message in a message box. */
IF Total<>100 THEN
Message("Error","Total not 100%",48);

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