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Multitasking is when you can run more than one task at the same time. Windows supports this feature at the application level. For example you can run MS-Word and MS-Excel at the same time.

CitectSCADA also supports multitasking internally; that is you can tell CitectSCADA to do something, and before CitectSCADA has completed that task you can tell CitectSCADA to start some other task. CitectSCADA will perform both tasks at the same time. CitectSCADA automatically creates the tasks, leaving you to call the functions.

Multitasking is a feature of CitectSCADA not the operating system. Many applications cannot do this, for example if you start a macro in Excel, while that macro is running you cannot do any other operation in Excel until that macro completes.

A multitasking environment is useful when designing your Cicode. It allows you to be flexible, allowing the operator to perform one action, while another is already taking place. For example, you can use Cicode to display two different input forms at the same time, while allowing the operator to continue using the screen in the background.

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