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Stores a local page-based string and associates the string with the page. Page-based variables are stored in an array, local to each display page. This function allows you to save string variables in temporary storage.

Note: This function is not supported in the server process in a multiprocessor environment. Calling this function from the server process results in a hardware alarm being raised.


PageSetStr(sLabel, sVar [, iWinNum])


String name of the variable which will contain sValue.


The string to store. The string length is 128 characters.


Window number of the page. Default is current window.

Return Value

CT_ERROR_NO_ERROR (0) on success. CT_ERROR_BAD_HANDLE (269) if WinNum handle does not correspond to a valid window. CT_ERROR_INVALID_ARG (274) if Label or Var is not a valid variable.

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