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Gets the value of a system parameter. The system parameter can exist in the CITECT.INI file and/or in the Parameters database.

If the system parameter does not exist in the CITECT.INI file or the database, the default value is returned. If the system parameter exists in both CITECT.INI and the database, the value of the system parameter is taken from CITECT.INI.


ParameterGet(Section, Name, Default)


The section name.


The system parameter name.


The default value of the parameter.

Note: If in your Cicode you perform a ParameterGet("alarm", "alarmsave", 1000) for say the [Alarm]SavePeriod parameter, and NO entry exists in Citect.ini or the parameters records, the returned value will be 1000 however CitectSCADA will internally be using the default value of 600.

Return Value

The parameter (as a string).

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