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Extracts a requested part of the Quality value from the QUALITY variable.


QualityGetPart(QUALITY quality, INT part)


Specifies the quality variable.


The part to extract:

0 – The General Quality value

1 – Quality Substatus value

2 - The Quality Limit value

3 - The Extended Quality Substatus value

4 – The Tag Status Override flag

5 – The Tag Status Control Inhibit flag

6 - The DataSource error code

7 – The OPC Quality (General + Substatus + Limit)

Return Value

The value of the requested Quality part, or -1 if error.

Related Functions

QualityIsBad, QualityIsContolInhibit, QualityIsGood, QualityIsOverride, QualityIsUncertain, QualitySetPart, QualityToStr, QualityCreate


LONG qualityGeneral;
qualityGeneral = QualityGetPart(Tag1.Field.Q, 0);

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