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Returning Data from Functions

Functions return data to the calling statement (a command or expression). Some functions simply return a value that indicates whether the function was successful. For example, both the PageNext() and PageDisplay() functions return 0 (zero) if the page displays successfully, otherwise they return an error number. For a large number of simple applications, you can ignore this return value.

Some functions return data that you can use in an expression or command. For example, the Date() function returns the current date as a string. To display the current date on a graphics page, use the following expression in a text object display value property:

Numeric expression


The following example shows an entry command event for a graphics page, using a combination of two functions. The FullName() function returns the name of the user who is currently logged in to the run-time system, passing this name to the calling function, Prompt(). When the page is opened, a welcome message displays in the prompt line.

On page entry

Prompt("Hello, " + FullName())

For example, if the current user is John Citizen, the message "Hello, John Citizen" displays.