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Determines the service type(s), cluster name(s), and service name(s) of all services currently running in the component that called this function. It also determines if the client component is running.

If you call this function from a component that is running purely as a Control Client or View-only Client, the function will return "Client".

If you call this function from a single-process component that includes:

The function will return a string similar to:


The order of components in the string is not fixed so the exact string may vary from the above. You should parse the returned string or alternatively use ProcessIsClient or ProcessIsServer to find the information you need.



Return Value

String in the form:

serviceType1.clusterName1.serviceName1,serviceType2.clusterName2.serviceName2, ... ,Client

Related Functions

ProcessIsClient, ProcessIsServer, ServerInfo, ServerInfoEx

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