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Reads the specified attribute value of a subscribed tag. Similar to TagRead.

Note: This function has been superseded and may be deprecated in a future release. Please use the following functions: SubscriptionGetInfo, SubscriptionGetTimestamp, SubscriptionGetQuality, SubscriptionGetValue or SubscriptionGetTag as substitutions in new projects.


SubscriptionGetAttribute(iHandle, sAttribute [, iOffset] )


Integer handle of the subscription to read from.


Attribute of the tag to read. Supported Attributes are:


Optional integer expressing the zero based index of an array attribute. This is only valid for the Value attribute. Default value is 0.

Return Value

String representation of the cached value for a subscribed tag. On error, an empty string and an error is set.

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SubscriptionGetInfo, SubscriptionGetTimestamp, SubscriptionGetQuality, SubscriptionGetValue, SubscriptionGetTag

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