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Converts a time/date variable into a string. Use this function for calculating time differences or run times, and so on. Set Format to 6 to convert time periods that are in milliseconds, such as the times that are returned from the SysTime() and SysTimeDelta() functions.

Note: Once a date/time is retrieved as UTC, the string cannot be used by the Cicode functions StrToDate and StrToTime to synthesize a date/time value as these functions support local time only.

Time/date functions can only be used with dates from 1980 to 2035. You should check that the date you are using is valid with Cicode similar to the following:

IF StrToDate(Arg1)>0 THEN


TimeToStr(Time, Format [, UTC] )


The time/date variable.


Format of the string:

0 - Short time format, hh:mm AM/PM.

1 - Long time format, hh:mm:ss AM/PM.

2 - Short date format, dd/mm/yy.

3 - Long date format, day month year.

4 - Time and date, weekday month day year hh:mm:ss AM/PM.

5 - Long time period, hh:mm:ss. Time needs to be in seconds.

6 - Millisecond time period, ("xxx" represents milliseconds). Time needs to be in milliseconds.

7 - Short time period, hh:mm. Time needs to be in seconds.

8 - Long time period, "xxxxx Days hh Hours mm min ss sec where xxxxx = number of days since 1/1/1970". Time needs to be in seconds.

9 - Extended date format, dd/mm/yyyy.


Universal Time Co-ordinate (optional)

0 - Display the string as a local date/time (default).

1 - Display the string as a UTC date/time (valid for formats 0-4 and 9).

Return Value

A string containing the converted time/date or period variable, or an empty string if invalid.

Related Functions

Time, TimeCurrent, Date


! If the current system time is 11:50:00 a.m.
! Sets String to "11:50 AM".
String=TimeToStr(125 + TimeCurrent(),5);
! Sets String to "11:52:05" (the current time + 2 minutes and 5 seconds).

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