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Writes acquired trend data to disk without waiting for the trend buffer to be filled. CitectSCADA normally buffers the trend data in memory and only writes to disk when required, to give optimum performance. Because this function reduces the performance of the Trends Server, use it only when necessary.


TrnFlush(Name [, ClusterName] )


The name of the logging tag (can be prefixed by the name of the cluster that is ClusterName.Tag). Set to " * " to flush all trend data.


The name of the cluster in which the trend tag resides. This is optional if you have one cluster or are resolving the trend via the current cluster context. The argument is enclosed in quotation marks "".

Return Value

0 (zero) if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

Related Functions



TrnFlush("Trend1", "ClusterXYZ");
! Forces the Trend1 data to be written to disk.

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