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Gets the event number of a trend at an offset for a specified pen. This function only operates on an event-based trend.


TrnGetBufEvent(AN, Pen, Offset)


The AN where the trend is located.


The trend pen number:

0 - The pen currently in focus

1...8 - Pen1. . .Pen8


The trend buffer offset, in samples. The number of samples can range from 0 to the maximum number of samples that can display on the trend - 1.

Return Value

The event number. If Offset is not within boundaries, 0 (zero) is returned. If AN or Pen is invalid, 0 (zero) is returned and an error code is set.

Related Functions

TrnGetEvent, TrnSetEvent, TrnGetCursorEvent


! For the trend at AN20
/* Displays the trend event at offset 10 for the pen currently in focus. The event will display at AN31. */

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