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Gets information about the operator who is currently logged-in to the system.




The type of user information:

0 - Flag to indicate whether any user other than a view-only user is logged in

1 - The login name of the user

2 - The full name of the user

3 - The time the user logged in

4 - The time the user entered the last command

5 - The number of commands entered by the user

6 - The type of login:

Return Value

The information (as a string). If an error is detected, an empty string is returned.

Related Functions



/* Check if a user has logged on. If so, get the user's full name 
and the number of commands they have performed. */
String sName;
String sCount;
IF UserInfo(0) = "1" THEN
sName = UserInfo(2);
sCount = UserInfo(5);

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