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Using Cicode Commands

Cicode commands extend the control element of a CitectSCADA control and monitoring system. You use commands to control your CitectSCADA system and therefore the processes in your plant.

Each command has a mechanism to activate it. Commands can be issued manually, through an operator typing a key sequence, or by clicking on a button (or object) on a graphics page. You can also configure commands to execute automatically:

To define a Cicode command, you enter a statement (or group of statements) in the command field (Input category) for an object.

Each statement in a command usually performs a single task, such as setting a variable to a value, calculating a value, displaying a message on the screen, or running a report. For information on using variables, see the section titled Using Variables.

If you want to evaluate a condition, like checking the state of your plant rather than perform an action or command upon your plant, use an expression instead. See the section titled Using Cicode Expressions.

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