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Invokes the Microsoft Multimedia application.


WndViewer(sViewerFile, Command, Data)


The Multimedia Viewer file to display.


The type of help:

1 - Displays a Viewer topic (specified in the Data field) in the main Viewer window.

2 - Displays a Viewer topic (specified in the Data field) in a pop-up window.


The context string of the Multimedia Viewer topic.

Return Value

0 (zero) if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

Note: CitectSCADA cannot test if the topic has been found or displayed correctly. For example, if you pass an invalid topic, the viewer will open with "Viewer topic does not exist" - but this function will return 0.

Related Functions



WndViewer("MyFile.MVB",1, "Contents");
! Displays the contents topic in the Multimedia file "MyFile.MVB".
WndViewer("HelpFile.MVB",2, "HelpTip");
! Displays the HelpTip topic in the Multimedia file "HelpFile.MVB" in a popup.

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