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Adding a Variable Tag

You need to add a variable tag only once for the project.

To add a variable tag to the CitectVBA test project

  1. Open the CitectVBA test project.
  2. Click the Project Editor button.
  3. Click the Variable Tags button.
  4. In the Variable Tag Name field, replace the default name Tag_1 with TestTag_1.
  5. Note:CitectSCADA stores the communication details as records in a database. Each record name is limited to a maximum of 16 characters.

  6. In the I/O Device Name field, check that the device name selected is CiVBAIODevice. (If other I/O Devices have been created for this project, they will display in this menu.)
  7. In the Data Type field, select INT from the menu.
  8. In the Address field, typeI1 (the capital letter i and the number one).
  9. Click Add.

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