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Converts a number into its string character ASCII code value.

The Chr function expects the argument Num to be a valid numeric integer (whole positive number within the range 0 to 255 inclusive). If Chrcontains no number, a runtime error occurs.

Note: Values 8, 9, 10, and 13 convert to backspace, tab, linefeed, and carriage return characters respectively.

The Chr function performs the opposite of the Asc function, which converts a text string character to it's numeric ASCII code value.




An integer or expression representing a valid numeric value.

Return Value

Returns a single character string representing the ASCII character code value of the number Num provided in the argument.

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Dim vntVar	 ' declare result holder variable
vntVar = Chr(65) ' returns "A"
vntVar = Chr(97) ' returns "a"
vntVar = Chr(90) ' returns "Z"
vntVar = Chr(122) ' returns "z"