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Cicode Editor

The Cicode Editor is CitectVBA aware and designed to help you create, edit, test, and debug CitectVBA file modules in your CitectSCADA project.

The Cicode Editor has features suitable for use with CitectVBA file modules including:

A sample CitectVBA file module named Sample.Bas is included in the User\Example subfolder on the drive on which you installed CitectSCADA. This module explains most of the CitectVBA functionality.

CitectVBA file modules will never be compiled into standalone Windows executable files; instead, they're included with the compiled CitectSCADA. As a result, they don't require a Mainprocedure to be declared. Therefore, CitectVBA file modules are structured to contain only their header information, modular constant and variable declarations, then procedures (subroutines, and functions).

CitectVBA file modules are automatically included with a CitectSCADA project if they are stored in the same file folder as your project. When saving a CitectVBA file module to disk, save it to your project folder.

All files with a BAS extension in your project folder appear in the CitectVBA Files folder of your project in Citect Explorer. To launch the Cicode Editor, double-click the CitectVBA file you want to edit in Citect Explorer.