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CitectVBA Line Continuation Character

The underscore is the line continuation character in CitectVBA. There must be a space before and after the line continuation character. Line continuation characters do not work inside comments.

The following sample code statements are treated identically in CitectVBA:

Pump234.AddPoint _
( 25, 100)

Pump234.AddPoint( 25, 100)

Strings cannot be separated between lines using the line-break character in CitectVBA, unless the strings are properly enclosed within double quotes on each line, and appended together as per the following example:

Dim strSample as String
strSample = "This sentence on the first line in my code. " _
& "This sentence is on the second line in my code. " _
& "Yet all would display on the same line " _
& "if the display were wide enough."