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CitectVBA Statements

A statement in CitectVBA is an unbroken sequence of syntactically correct code script containing at least one CitectVBA keyword instruction. A single statement in CitectVBA is one complete segment of code script that instructs CitectSCADA to do something.

In CitectVBA there is no statement terminator. As in other BASIC programming languages, the end of the line containing the statement is treated as the statement terminator by default.

Most often, a statement consists of a single line of CitectVBA script. However, more than one statement can be placed on one line of CitectVBA script, provided each statement is separated by a colon character (:); for example:

Pump234.AddPoint( 25, 100): Pump234.AddPoint( 0, 75)

is equivalent in CitectVBA to:

Pump234.AddPoint( 25, 100)
Pump234.AddPoint( 0, 75)

Using complex multi-statement lines of CitectVBA script is not recommended in CitectSCADA. Multithreading should be considered when using more than one statement per line in CitectVBA. For details, see Multithread Considerations with CitectVBA.