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Creating the Test Project

Creating the project requires you to specify the destination folder for the test project so that CitectSCADA can find it.

To create the CitectVBA test project

  1. Start CitectSCADA (if not already started).
  2. Click the Citect Explorer button.
  3. Choose New Project from the Filemenu, or click the New Project button.
  4. In the Name field, type CitectVBA Test.
  5. In the Location field, check that the path is displaying the project name as a subfolder name beneath the User folder. The User folder is the parent folder where CitectSCADA expects all projects to be stored in separate subfolders.
  6. Note: The name of the project is appended as a sub folder name to the User folder. Your path will depend upon the actual path of your CitectSCADA installation.

  7. Click OK. The test project has been created.

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