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Reinitialises the elements of a fixed array specified in the ArrayList parameter.




A comma delimited list of valid variable array names.

Related Functions

Dim | ReDim


Option Base 1
Dim Num(10) As Integer ' Integer array.
Dim StrVarArray(10) As String ' Variable-string array.
Dim StrFixArray(10) As String * 10 ' Fixed-string array.
Dim VarArray(10) As Variant ' Variant array.
Dim DynamicArray() As Integer ' Dynamic array.
ReDim DynamicArray(10) ' Allocate storage space.
Erase Num ' Each element set to 0.
Erase StrVarArray ' Each element set to zero-length string ("").
Erase StrFixArray ' Each element set to 0.
Erase VarArray ' Each element set to Empty.
Erase DynamicArray ' Free memory used by array. Erase StrVarArray,StrFixArray,VarArray ' Reset three arrays at the same time.