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File Input/Output with CitectVBA

CitectVBA supports full sequential and binary file Input/Output (I/O).

Files stored on disk, can contain text (ASCII) characters or binary (ones and zeros) digits. All CitectVBA files that contain CitectVBA code are stored as text files. However, you can use CitectVBA to store and retrieve files in either format, using CitectVBA file I/O functions and statements.

The File I/O functions predefined in CitectVBA are:

ChDir, ChDrive, Close, CurDir, Dir, EOF, FileCopy, FileLen, 
FreeFile, Get #, GetAttr, Input #, Kill, Line Input #, Loc, LOF, 
MkDir, RmDir, Name, Open, Print #, Put, Seek, SetAttr, Write #.

For details of all predefined CitectVBA functions, see CitectVBA Function Reference.