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OLE Services

OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) services is the term used to generally describe the integrated use of separate software components (applications) working together to provide custom software solutions based upon the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) architecture.

Note: When considering the use of OLE services, you should be aware that there are different uses of OLE which have developed over the years and which may be confused with one another. Examples of different OLE services include: object linking, object embedding, visual editing, drag-and-drop, ActiveX Controls, OLE Automation, OLE DB, OLE Messaging, and OLE Networking services. See OLE terminology.

CitectSCADA supports linked and embedded OLE objects in its graphics pages with the use of ActiveX Controls. See Accessing ActiveX Objects with CitectVBA.

CitectSCADA can use CitectVBA to perform as an OLE Automation controller. See OLE automation objects. CitectSCADA can also exchange data with other applications using other data transfer technologies.