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Determines the value of the largest subscript for the ArrayDimension of the ArrayName provided in the argument. Ubound expects the required argument ArrayName to be a valid variable array name.

The optional argument ArrayDimension must be a whole long number indicating which dimension's lower bound is to be returned. Use 1 for the first dimension, 2 for the second, and so on. If ArrayDimensionis omitted, 1 is assumed.


Ubound(ArrayName, ArrayDimension)


A string or expression that can represent a valid variable array name.


A numeric value or expression that can represent a valid long data type value.

Return Value

Returns a number of Long data type.

Related Functions



Dim Upper
Dim MyArray(1 To 10, 5 To 15, 10 To 20) ' Declare array variables.
Dim AnyArray(10)
Upper = UBound(MyArray, 1) ' Returns 10.
Upper = UBound(MyArray, 3) ' Returns 20.
Upper = UBound(AnyArray) ' Returns 10.