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Before You Begin

It is no longer necessary to stop running projects before editing the citect.ini file. Note that some changes to configuration files may only take effect components are restarted (trend server, alarm server, etc).

Editing existing configuration files

Computer Setup Editor saves its changes to configuration files such that:

Any multi-line comments in your configuration file will be lost if you perform a save in Computer Setup Editor to the same filename, unless the comments occur above the first section (denoted the "header") or are one line long and exist before the entry in the INI file to which they pertain. This is because Computer Setup Editor has its own built-in comment specification whereby comments are assigned to the immediately following item in the INI file and can only be one line long.

To avoid losing comments, make a backup copy of your file before you edit it with Computer Setup Editor and enter the comments using a text editor such as notepad.exe.