Database Exchange - Overview

Database Exchange - Overview

The Database Exchange ActiveX control lets you connect to a data source (for example a database), and extract, display, and edit recipe values. The control is inserted and configured on a graphics page using the Citect Graphics Builder.

At runtime, the recipe values are displayed in a table. Each column of data can be associated with a CitectSCADA variable tag, enabling recipe values to be written to tags. Data can also be sorted, filtered, printed, edited, and written back to the data source using the Runtime User Interface.

CitectSCADA supports connection from the Database Exchange ActiveX control to all Windows-supported databases, including DBF, MDB, SQL Server, and OLEDB data sources.

Configuring the Database Exchange ActiveX control begins with Adding the control to a graphics page, and Setting up a data source


  1. Following the browse sequence << >> buttons in this documentation will take you through the steps of configuring the Database Exchange ActiveX control and using its runtime interface. The information following these topics includes the lists of Properties, Methods, and Events available within the control.
  2. For more information on ActiveX controls, see the CitectSCADA Help.