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Citect.ini File Parameters


  • Do not under any circumstances change or remove any of the undocumented citect.ini parameters.
  • Before deleting sections of the citect.ini file, confirm that no undocumented parameters will be deleted.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.

Note: Always seek the advice of Technical Support personnel for this product regarding undocumented features.

CitectSCADA has a comprehensive set of parameters that are used to configure the operational settings of a project, and, how each computer participates in a network.

To see a complete list of built-in operating parameters that you can use to fine-tune your system refer to System Parameters.

Parameter order of precedence

As there are multiple places that parameters may be set, CitectSCADA follows order of precedence rules to determine which setting applies if the same setting is configured in multiple places.

CitectSCADA will first look into the Citect.ini file for a specified parameter. If the parameter setting exists in the citect.ini it will take precedence regardless of the parameters specified in the Parameters database, and the value in the Citect.ini file will be used during runtime.

If the Citect.ini has no parameter setting then the value used will be the value specified in the lowest level include project. This means that it will then ignore any value placed in the top level projects at Runtime in favour of the lowest level include project which has the parameter set. Naturally if the parameter is not set anywhere, then the default value for the parameter will be used.

For examle, using the parameter[alarm]saveperiod . The default value is 600. In this example there is a main project and an included sub project with the parameter being set as shown below. The Runtime result column in the table below shows what CitectSCADA considers the value to be, for example if the ParameterGet() cicode was used.

Citect.ini Main Include Runtime Result
None None None 600
None 300 None 300
None None 400 400
None 300 400 400
500 300 400 500
600 300 400 600