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Define the display format by name. The format can be assigned to the new Tab_Style alarm template. You can assign a format name to an alarm page by opening the page in the Graphics Builder, then double-clicking on the alarm template and entering the name in the pop-up form.

Note: The syntax of the format string follows the standard alarm display format string with the exception of the width attribute being interpreted as pixels instead of characters.

Note: This parameter is available only to projects based on Tab_Style templates.

Allowable Values: Any valid alarm format string.

Default Value: the Tab_Style alarm templates assume the alarm display format is defined under the following names if no specified format name is specified to the alarm page:


Set the following parameter:

Alarm = {Date,80}{Time,80}{Tag,120}{Name,120}{Desc,120}

to show the alarm fields Date, Time, Tag, Name and Desc with each field taking up the specified pixel width on the active / disabled alarm pages.

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