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Determines the page that will appear, or the action that is triggered, when the Help button is selected from the Navigation toolbar. Note that the default setting calls a page called "Help", which does not actually exist in the CSV_Include project. Therefore, to make this button work, you will have to perform one of the following:

  1. Add a page called "Help" to your project, or adjust this parameter so that a page with a different name is called.
  2. Apply an action to the button so that an online Help file (a .HLP or .CHM file) is launched. You have to use the format:
  3. [Navigation]
    HelpPage = ?LaunchOnlineHelp

    where "LaunchOnlineHelp" is a Cicode function that launches the required Help file.

  4. Implement page-based Help by setting an environmental variable called "HelpPage" for each particular page. To do this, open the required page, go to the properties dialog (File | Properties), and click on the Environment tab. Add a new variable called "HelpPage", with a value of a real page name or a function name.

Allowable Values: any valid page name, or the relevant function name if a particular action is required. To trigger a function you must prefix the function name with a question mark (?).

Default Value: Help